About us

The company was founded in 2014 as a spin-off of the "FleetWeb software development" Team of the society Digigroup Srl, a leader in the provision of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for the Bus OEM Market.

Since then, our company has focused on developing innovative solutions aimed at specifically meeting the needs of Fleet Managers, by enhancing the know-how of its team of specialists, who have more than ten years' experience in this sector, through the participation in international projects of technological research and development, acquisition of complementary products from the market and by opening up to new technological partnerships.

In evidence

As part of the "Lyon" demo in the European Project Logo EBSF2, we collaborated with our partners in the development and testing of an advanced system of driving aid, aimed at the reduction of fuel consumption, reduction of CO2 emissions, improvement of comfort and safety for passengers and wear reduction of vehicle mechanical parts.

As part of the “Paris Area” demo in the European Project Logo EBSF2 we collaborated with our partners in the definition and testing of the “TiGR” protocol for the implementation of the interoperability in the fleets telediagnostic systems.
The "TiGR" protocol has been implemented by Logo ITxPT.

Our software and on-board devices are used by the Logo transdev Group for the Telediagnostic service Logo DigiDiag winner of the Innovation Award in Transports Publics 2016.

Fleet monitoring

Logo 4Fleets

4Fleets is the optimal solution for monitoring of industrial vehicles and buses fleets.
It allows you to locate vehicles, monitor vehicle usage and efficiency, monitor consumption and driving style, prevent in-line downtime and improve vehicle productivity.

4Fleets is applicable on all vehicles, is able to acquire and process data from the fms standard and CAN-BUS.

Maintenance management

GESFLO is a software for the Fleet Maintenance Management, based on decades of experience in the application of industrial vehicles.
It manages deadlines for scheduled maintenance, workshop orders and analysis of fleet operating costs.

GESFLO is the ideal solution for the maintenance management of industrial vehicles, ecological services fleets and bus fleets.


Internationally, we are actively participating in the initiatives of the Logo ITxPT association, sponsored by the Logo UITP for the development and dissemination of ITS systems in the world of public transport.

Locally, we are taking part in the ITC Pole initiative and the Torino Wireless Foundation.